Friday, July 13, 2012

Flashback Friday: Layering Experiment

While I love the entire Hunger Games Collection from China Glaze, a few of the colors just do not agree with my skin tone. Fast Track is unfortunately one of them. I think it's such a pretty color, but it's far too light for me. On the other hand, Mahogany Magic looks pretty good on me, but I find it boring. Then I decided to combine them just to see what happened. What I got was a very interesting, milky gold. It was extremely hard to capture in a photograph, but I really liked it. Although in some lighting it looked not so great.

What I Used:
  • Sally Hansen Continuous Treatment (as base coat)
  • 2 coats of China Glaze Mahogany Magic
  • 1 coat of China Glaze Fast Track
  • Seche Vite Fast Dry Top Coat

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