Sunday, July 15, 2012

Review: China Glaze "Grape Juice"

What I Used:
1 coat LA Colors Triple Play (as base coat)
2 coats China Glaze "Grape Juice"
1 coat Prolinc Diamond Dry Top Coat

Color [8/10]

Upon seeing Grape Juice in the bottle, I wasn't overly impressed. It looks like just another shimmery purple, but after seeing it on the color spoon I changed my mind. Getting it on my nails, and wow! It's a very pretty purple with silver and pink shimmer. In fact, the first coat is quite pink, but a second coat makes it a nice medium purple with silver shimmer, that retains some of the pink in certain light. I am curious if this one would become even darker with a third coat.

Application [8/10]

The formula on this one is great! It goes on very smooth, and isn't runny or globby at all. The first coat is extremely sheer, but the addition of a second coat makes it almost perfectly opaque. I did notice a few small bald spots, so maybe a third coat is needed.

Finish [8/10]

This is not a particularly shiny polish due to the shimmer. However, a top coat takes care of that without hindering the effect. I would recommend a top coat with this one anyway, since it is a little grainy to the touch.

Longevity [7/10]

I typically wear my manicures for only a week, and while this one lasted the duration, I had noticeable tip wear after 2 days. I hadn't done much over those two days, besides typing and reading, so it probably shouldn't have been that bad. Day 5 had a whole nail peel off in one piece, same on Day 7. Other than that I had only one chipped nail. Perhaps I'll try this one again with three coats and a different top coat to see if it lasts longer.

Removal is pretty good. The color melts right off, leaving the shimmer which requires only a little extra scrubbing to completely remove.

Final Score: 7.75

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