Wednesday, July 4, 2012

What I Got This Week [1]

Monday, I went into Sally's with the intention to just browse while my mom went to the bank next door. I started inspecting the Orly (how do you pronounce this?!) display, but found myself in front of the China Glaze display which had a sale sign: Buy 2 China Glaze, Get 1 Diamond Dry Top Coat FREE! Free is good, so I checked out the top coat, $7.49, so good deal! I also ended up getting a Sally's card, which I hope doesn't empty my bank account with amazing deals! I got a $5 coupon, which I'll likely use to get a bottle of Orly to try out.

L2R: Watermelon Rind, Grape Juice, Prolinc Diamond Dry Top Coat
Since my manicure is still fresh, I tested these lovelies on my toes. I'm in love! Watermelon Rind is especially gorgeous, but Grape Juice is lovely, too. I'll probably use one or both of these in next week's manicure.

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