Wednesday, July 11, 2012

What I Got This Week [2]

Top: Pippa, Nova, Trixie, Mimi
Middle: Suvi, Gabrielle, Raven, Rina, Goldie, Edyta
Bottom: Kissy, Hope, Apple, Faye, Venus, Joy

I'd been debating about whether or not to order these, but last week I caved. I wound up ordering 16 polish spoons from Zoya. These are an amazing invention! There was one color (Edyta) I almost ordered after staring longingly at the bottle online, but after seeing it in person? I'm majorly disappointed! That one revelation was well worth the price! Since I did order 16, I had one bottle worth of credit. I managed to narrow it down to 4 (Rina, Apple, Hope, & Kissy), after being disappointed in some of the colors (Goldie, Edyta, & Suvi), while others just look odd with my skin (Joy, Faye & Gabrielle). My mom helped narrow it to 2 (Apple & Kissy), and then she picked her favorite (Kissy). Then my dad picked the same, so that's the one I ordered!

Pink is a tough color for me with nail polish. Half my closet is pink, but I have such a hard time finding pinks that look good on my nails. They're either too red, too orange, or too light. Kissy, however, is just right! I think it's the multi-colored bar glitter that help balance it out.

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