Wednesday, December 5, 2012

What I Got This Week [7]

China Glaze's brand new Cirque du Soleil collection! Well, 8 of the colors!

LtoR: Get Carried Away, Running in Circles, Def Defying, Creative Fantasy, It's a Trap-Eze!, Hanging in the Balance, Water You Waiting For, and Whirled Away

I ordered this for myself as my Christmas gift from my mom. LoL

It's A Trap-Eze! is easily my favorite of the bunch, followed by Def Defying and Running in Circles (the greens of course!). I didn't get any of the red/orange/pinks, since I don't wear red, and orange looks terrible on me, and for whatever reason, Sally Beauty didn't have the pink on their website, or else I would have  ordered it. Instead, I accidentally ordered two of Get Carried Away, but I love it and it takes three coats to wear it on its own, so it's fine.

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