Sunday, January 26, 2014

Review: Zoya "Noot"

What I Used:
  • 1 coat of Zoya Anchor Base Coat
  • 1 coat of Zoya Noot
  • 1 coat of Zoya Armor Top Coat

According to Zoya: Noot can be best described as: Very dark grey cream with strong blue-green undertones. Smoky, smoldering dark grey nails with a twist from the addition of green tones.

Color [8/10]
As I was painting I thought "This isn't grey!" It immediately reminded me of seaweed, which I love. In some lights it appears dark grey, in others it's green, and sometime it also takes on a teal hue. However, in some lighting the colors mix in a way that is quite unattractive. It ends up looking like swamp water.

Application [10/10]
Another one coater alert! Noot practically applies itself, it's so smooth and self-levels immediately.

Finish [7/10]
Like I said above, the color does shift with the light, but the results aren't always pretty. Noot also has a minor bald spot issue.

Longevity [4/10]
I had minor tip wear by the very next day! That is not a good sign! I also got a chip a day later, then a few days later another chip which just continued to peel. The nails that didn't chip did last over a week, but the tip wear is extremely noticeable.

Final Score:7.25

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