Sunday, February 9, 2014

Review: Zoya "Dream"

What I Used:
  • 1 coat of Zoya Anchor Base Coat
  • 2 coats of Zoya Dream
  • 1 coat of Zoya Armor Top Toat

According to Zoya: Dream can best be described as a full-coverage, deep space blue with holographic glitter.

Color [10/10]
I am extremely picky when it comes to blue nail polish, since blue is one of my least favorite colors. I am happy to say that Dream is a favorite! I love my blues to be vibrant like this! The blue, silver, and purple glitter also makes it much more interesting than just a bright blue. This color is very similar to Water You Waiting For from China Glaze but the glitter is smaller.

Application [9/10]
It goes on super smooth just like most Zoya colors and self-levels immediately. Unlike Payton (which is the red version of this), Dream didn't shrink away from my tips. I still need to use two coats for full coverage though.

Finish [10/10]
It's so sparkly! It has that same 3D galaxy effect as Payton which I loved! It looks amazing in ALL lighting conditions, which is a bonus!

Longevity [10/10]
Even after 10 days I had no noticeable tip wear unless I looked really closely. It also never chipped! That is until I unconsciously picked at my thumb nail, but even that wasn't bad at all! Removal was quite easy and no staining!

Final Score: 9.75

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